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Leopard rose

Sortie  plateformes streaming, prévue 11 Novembre 2022


"We couldn't fit in any Box, so we've created our own  space"


"Quality Flow, the river's name : Congo"


Influenced by The Afro American Music,  African Bantu's legacy, from France to the World.

French Urban Bantu

Ciel nocturne avec étoiles


A french Urban Bantu Story

This 5 tracks's EP , carry the substance of French Urban Bantu. The title could have been "Levitate in 5 steps"

The first song 2e Gaou, is down-to-earth, brutal with touches of humor.


FUB, brings on the rhythm that take control of your body before you know it. This track is featuring Nzaki and Leila Kama. They're gathered on this song to infuse the FUB spirit, and condensed all the elements that define their  identity.

Leila Kama in her spoken word's verse  has a good conclusion “You tell us who you are with your music”.


Sur Yoka, (ft Selektaa) is "Listen" in Lingala (a congolese dialect), PLDG invite you to open yourears so the message can flow to your spirit and soul.

Breathe. There are scars that keep opening up again and again. And if you are spiritual you sometimes think that death can  deliver the soul from its earthly pain.

Musuminyina, is perseverance in Ciluba ( a congolese dialect). there is a Luba's proverb  which say "Musuminyina katu wa bula". The one who persevere doesnt fail.

Leopard rose

Breaking Barriers vol.2

The Ep's tracks will be illustrated by music videos and animated mini videos for each song.

Two examples :

Ciel nocturne avec étoiles


PLDG's concerts are like them, eclectic, Fun, Groovy, energetic.

They tell their FUB Story, switching with different vibes and instruments. This show is made to make you feel like you're on a trip to a brand new land.

In the Big venues, they add VJing in their show, with the talented LOUP BLASTER.

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